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Ban MSG Now

Ban MSG Now

Stop this poison in our food

Ban MSG Now RSS Feed


MSG and/or Monosodium Glutamate is a food additive that has no positive benefits in our food. It exists simply to allow food manufacturers to use cheaper ingredients of little or no nutritional value.

There are many scientific papers that offer plenty of evidence to suggest that MSG causes significant health risks. Some of those risks include; obesity, diabetes, ADHD, asthma, glaucoma and many other ailments.

Many people suffer from the effects of this harmful chemical. The only effective solution to the problem is to ban the substance from our food with immediate effect.

We urge you to sign our petition.


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Diana Cilia,
OMG I get 3-day migraines from the tiniest amount of MSG. Please please get it out of our food supply. There is no good reason to have it.

please correctly label all food with msg in them!!!



stop trying to hide msg in our foods! yeast extract? get real!


vincent flaherty jr,

Bob Frankiln,
It's ironic that cities & municipalities are banning transfats & screaming their dangers, but this poisonous chemical drifts along under radar.

vincent flaherty jr,
Please ban msg. It gives me headaches, I've missed work due to severe headaches caused by msg. I've read it also causes brain lesions.

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Stop poisening us

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Sarah ibrahem,,

Muhammad Makkieh,
MSG must be banned for the sake of this great nation and its citizens.

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I get migraines from this and it should not be added into my food. Even the hidden forms. Use salt and be done with it.

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Connie Logg,
MSG makes me high and spacey. Ban it

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jacqueline worley,

Stop adding this poison to our food. I develop severe allergies because of this crap added to almost everything sold in store. Most recently I found out that there is also list of other ingredients that have similar structure like MSG has and also cause serious health problems. Money are not everything so stop making money on this useless poison.

Tyreac Thompson,


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I feel like I cannot void MSG. Its in almost everything. I feel like I never get full off anything that has msg in it. I just want it gone. Will this ever happen?


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MSG makes me have bad health attacks after eating in high dose we need to stop them from adding it to our food we eat and poising our body's with this man made chemical. That makes your body think its good for you and it's not.

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Ethan harris,
No need to poison us to make more money, stop the use of this poison!!

Crystal Davis,

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Jason Richert,
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and after doing research I found out that msg was the cause of the pain. I started a diet without msg and just after a few days I had little or no pain on my body.

Gina Cooke,

Kristi Jameson,

Corey Andrews,
No reason for this Poison to be in our food! Everyone would agree if they knew about MSG and the evidence!

Luke Angelo,

Stacy Wagstaff,


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Tyson Sweet,
Our health is more important than a food additive that "enhances" the taste is our food!

Adam Miller,
At least treat it like trans-fats and label it properly on the container WITH NO WORK-AROUNDS. If banned, this should also include aspartame which converts to msg in the body.


Nicole Berkley,

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Ana?s Nin
Explanation of the Trademark International Classification System

your goods authentic christian louboutin sales and/or services. All goods or services are categorized within International Classes (IC hereafter). Prior to that date, the USPTO used their classification system, which was long-winded to say the least.

For instance, let's say you wanted to file a name for clothing, shoes and hats - today you'd file it in 1 class, IC 25 but before 1973 2 classes were filed, 22 39. Another example - IC 16 (paper printed materials) used to be divided across 8 classes, 2, 5, 22, 23, 29, 37, 38, 50. Suffice it to say, the IC system is far easier to wrap your mind around.

As mentioned before, goods fall into classes 1-34 but what constitutes a good? The easiest way to think about it is to consider if what you're selling is tangible or not. Can you touch it, see it, hear it, wear it, smell it, so on and so forth?

Goods can include items like cosmetics, vitamins, jewelry, backpacks, clothing, cigars, food beverage items, guitars, chemicals, paints, tools, machines, cars and on and on.

Services fall into classes 35-45 but what is a service? This one tends black christian louboutin shoes uk to be a bit trickier as some services deal with tangible items. One simple way to look at is to bear in mind if you're doing something for someone.

For instance, if you prepare taxes, are a real estate agent, teach something, run a restaurant or a hotel, are a doctor, lawyer, cosmetician then you're offering a service.

Can I be Selling Goods and Services?

Absolutely and these seems to almost always be the case for certain industries. Let me provide a few examples:

1) You have a name that you use for your hair salon as well as an eventual line of hair care products. To trademark the name, you'll want to file in IC 3 (cosmetics and cleaning preparations) as well as IC 44 (medical, beauty agricultural).

2) You have a name for your retail clothing store where you sell all types of clothing from different designers. Since you are not selling your branded line of clothing, you'd need only to file in IC 35 (advertising business).

3) You have a name for your line of baked goods, specifically cakes, candies and cookies that you distribute to coffee shops and kiosks. Since another party is selling your goods, you'd need only to file in IC 30 (staple foods).

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I am "allergic", and disgusted that I have to go through lengths to ensure I do not buy products with MSG. It should at the least be labeled, regardless of whether it is added or not.

A Unique Approach To Good Therapy

Countless couples are battling with marriage authentic christian louboutin shoes wholesale difficulties and looking for assistance with solving their emotional issues and challenges. Hope-focused relationship counseling had been made to support some of these lovers through major difficulties in a sympathetic, brief and efficient manner.

The book Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling: A Guide to Brief Therapy was written by Everett L Worthington, Jr. to assist couples with their marriage problems. The book takes a unique approach to marriage therapy by being hope-focused instead of problem-focused. What makes it different from other therapy approaches is its focus on a specific difficulty and direct intervention. In brief therapy the therapist takes far more responsibility to be able to treat the client faster and more efficient. The focus in brief counseling is on the solution rather than on the issue, hence the method becomes far more tactical. A brief counselor has learned that there are not just one correct solution to the couple's problems, but rather a variety of alternatives and roads to the very same end goal.

Brief therapy focuses on the present and the future (hope) as opposed to the history (problems). Rather than searching for the cause of the issue like conventional psychotherapy usually does, Brief therapy focuses on finding a solution. Because of its focus on finding a solution, it is also known as solution-oriented therapy.

A professional which is utilizing brief therapy is concentrating on the present and trying to find ways to change the couple's behavior in the future. Many couples have a clear view on what they do not want, however they are not aware of what they actually do desire. These couples may get help through therapy to find out what they want and identifying goals. The majority of couples have some life areas they are happy with, identifying these areas are really important. These areas can be used as a basis to build on. It is also essential to try something different if whatever you are trying to do is not working for you. We are all human beings with an unlimited potential, whether you believe it or not.

Helping couples create are christian louboutin shoes really comfortable hope helps them create the desire for a better marriage. The brief relationship counseling process found in hope-focused marriage counseling could be completed in as little as 5 to 9 consultations. Most couples have got to pay money for their own counseling sessions as insurance plans usually don't pay for couples therapy.

Shari Grande,
MSG is in EVERYTHING and always labeled as such. PLEASE help us make good choices for our young children and ourselves.


I have MSG sensitivity but am not affluent enough to maintain an all-raw diet. It is difficult to balance my nutrition while staying in my price range, and the addition of MSG and free glutamates in so much of our food makes it all the more difficult.

MSG is destroying my health, I've gained 10 pounds in 1 month. I've been eating food with MSG only. And it is the MSG that is making me binge, over eat, addicted to food. MSG must be banned in the USA!!

It is poison to me!!!!

How DARE they poison our food?! MSG must GO.

It's simply evil!

Jack Bird,

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Ban MSG Now

It took years before it was readily accepted that cigarettes and smoking was a significant health hazard. Monosodium Glutamate or MSG is the new health hazard of the twenty first century. Production of this chemical has increased and it prevails in vast quantities in the human food chain. Act now to prevent the widespread use of this poison before it is too late.

Optional Donations

Please keep this campaign alive by helping to maintain the website. Donations are optional but every little helps. Thank you.

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